Assessment & Certification

Laurus Edutech Assessment Support Services

Laurus Edutech has empanelled over 28 Business Associates across various trades, sectors, geographies, and with competencies in various languages to create an unmatched reach across the nation. Our approach to managing assessment involves a meticulous training and selection process for Business Associates, orientation to Laurus Edutech’s processes as well as technology, orientation on our code of conduct and strong audit framework to ensure quality in the overall assessment process.

Call Laurus Edutech for your vocational training assessment needs and benefit from

A high quality national wide pool of Business Associates who have been trained through a rigorous Laurus Edutech training methodology

  • We carefully choose our Business Associates from various educational bodies, ITIs and put them through a rigorous training program on our business philosophy, trade specific training and our values and principles training.
  • Not only reports and manage the entire lifecycle of assessments across the country and helps map the assessor skills sets to the assessment requests
  • Strong analytics on multiple parameters to help understand the underlying parameters that effect skill development in the country
  • Completely transparent reporting and effective management of the assessment lifecycle
  • A Strong assessment quality assurance and audit framework
  • The Assurance of our Laurus Edutech Code of Conduct for Business Associates

Laurus Edutech’s Assessment Methodology is a rigorous methodology that tests theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the students by deploying qualified Business Associates, state-of-the-art assessment technology and a strong quality framework besides an unwavering commitment to the Laurus Edutech Code of Conduct

LE Business Associates Program

Become a Laurus Edutech empanelled expert Business Associate, and benefit from a high quality training program to hone your skills that includes trade specific training , training on our platform, client interaction and behavioural skills . Once empanelled, you benefit from a steady stream of assessment assignments in your region through our projects with government agencies, industry associations and companies in your specific regions.

Become a LE certified Business Associate today!