Assessment Solutions

Vocational Training Assessment Services for Your Workforce

The number of certified employees you have is an indicator of your organizational maturity and a competitive differentiator. If you have made the investment in training your workforce, assessments can help you boost the morale of your employees. Laurus Edutech has a strong team empanelled assessors who are skilled on multiple vocational skills. They receive appropriate ongoing training, and possess the necessary experience in their chosen vocational streams.

Why get your workforce assessed?

  • Increase profitability. Laurus Edutech’s assessment services will validate the level of technical skills of your team. Our assessments will provide you an understanding of the current skills inventory in your organization.
  • Competitive Differentiator. The number of certified resources you have against the competition is your competitive differentiator.
  • Motivate staff and Improve Retention. Certification provides career growth opportunities and therefore, the morale of your employees will be positively impacted.

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