Business Associates Selection Process

Laurus Edutech's Business Associates Empanelment Process

Laurus Edutech’s Business Associates selection process involves rigorous scrutiny of the Business Associate’s credentials in terms of aptitude, knowledge, and most importantly, in terms of integrity of the Business Associates. We perform several tests and check the background of each Business Associates prior to empanelling him/her with us.

Each Business Associates is required to undergo Laurus Edutech’s proprietary Business Associates Orientation program, which includes a review of the trade specific skills, and an orientation to the Laurus Edutech assessment process. We pay attention to developing the soft skills of our team members as part of the program. Upon successful completion of the program, a certificate is issued to the Business Associates.

Last but not the least, each of our empanelled Business Associates is required to undergo a mandatory training on the Laurus Edutech Code of Conduct, which provides guidelines for conducting assessments with the highest standards of ethics.