Flexible Staffing Services

Flexible Staffing Services in Vocational Trades

Short term projects or demand spurts necessitate that you are able to identify trained resources and deploy them quickly. Laurus Edutech provides flexible, temporary staffing services that help you identify the ideal candidates, quickly.

With a large scale base of training and assessment data, our strong technology back bone has helped us create a comprehensive database of vocationally trained resources across trades. We are therefore, quickly able to identify the right resource for your temporary staffing needs. Furthermore, we manage the entire HR process from recruitment and selection, initial or bridge training if needed, payroll management, compliance to labor laws, and ongoing reporting to you. We also provide you the option to absorb the resources on completion of the project.

Our nationwide footprint of skill development centres, strong assessment operations, and technology that allow us to keep track of each individual passing through our system. This allows us the ability to acquire and deploy resources on demand for your projects, and reduce employment related risks.

Trust in Laurus Edutech to help you find the right resources at the right time.