Training Solutions

Laurus Edutech’s Training Solutions for the Industry

With over 30 years of expertise in delivering vocational training, Laurus Edutech has honed its training curriculum as well as delivery methods. Our extensive experience will help you unleash a new energy in your workforce and improve their chances of success.

Our Training Philosophy

Through a unique combination of subject matter expertise, innovative training delivery model, we strive to achieve outstanding quality in the training services we provide. We are committed to improving the efficiency of your workforce and building a long-term symbiotic relationship with our customers.

Why should you invest in training your workforce?

With increasing competitive pressure across all industries, it pays to have an adequately trained staff. Professional trainers from Laurus Edutech offer leading-edge training services that can help you take your employees to the next level and help your organization become more responsive to the environment.

Key benefits of Training your workforce

  • Increase profitability. Laurus Edutech’s training program enhances the skills of your workforce, and improves the technical knowledge of your team. These training programs will help you improve productivity, and eventually the overall throughput of your organization.
  • Motivate staff and Improve Retention. Investment in training demonstrates appreciation of their work and therefore, positively impacts their motivation levels. Laurus Edutech’s training programs are delivered by experts who understand not only the vocational training needs of your workforce but also the soft skills needs.

Laurus Edutech’s Training Programs

At Laurus Edutech, we place the customer first and focus on helping you achieve the business results you seek from our training programs. Vocational Training is our specialty and we offer customized training solutions for your specific needs.

We conduct the training at your premises. Therefore, staff spend minimum time away from the workplace.

We thoroughly evaluate the training needs of your workforce and integrate the program in to the employee’s job role. This ensures that they are apply their newly acquired skills into practice.

We schedule the vocational training programs as per the needs of your business.

Laurus Edutech’s Training Program Redesign Services

Laurus Edutech has immense experience in designing new generation training programs that utilize best-in-class curriculum and delivery methodologies. Our expert team of trainers and consultants can review your training programs, suggest changes and redesign your delivery methods. With the experience of having trained over 10,000 people across the country, we understand the training needs of a diverse range of industries across diverse geographical and cultural contexts in India.

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